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Top 3 Online Shopping Websites of India

Online Shopping gives you the pleasure to shop products and services right from you home with the help of just a few clicks. Lots of stuff can be bought cheaper from an online retailer and comparing prices is as easy as a click of a button. Online shops may also have products that are either sold out or not available in local shops. Even though online shopping seems to be very convenient and easy to use, it has its disadvantages. Still there are lots of risk factors involved in online transactions through credit/debit cards, online banking etc. Your card details and account info can be misused if you are using an unsecured or malware effected PC for online transactions, technical fault in payment gateway or e-commerce site may lead to failed transaction and yet your card or bank account may be charged for the item. You cannot physically check the product before buying and blindly rely on online sellers reputation.
Anyway here are the best three online shopping sites to shop from India in terms of ease of use, reliability and security.


Probably the best online retailer of India. It's reliable provides fast shipping, prices are competitive. You can buy Books, Cameras, Dvds, Mobiles Phones, Home Appliances etc. You will get standard warranty from the manufacturer and as an added bonus buyers also get a 30 day replacement guarantee. Sometimes you can pre-order a new about to be launched mobiles or gadgets. The best thing is the option to buy products with cash on delivery (COD) as payment method.

i. Prices are competitive.
ii. Wide range of products, from consumer electronics to books.
iii. COD payment option available.
v. Free Home delivery.
v. 30 day replacement guarantee.
vi. 24x7 Customer Support helpline.



With Ebay users can buy from different online sellers and can also sell products by paying a certain fee or commission to Ebay provides a secure and reliable platform to the buyers and sellers where they can buy or sell goods and services without the risk of being cheated. (Ebay Guarantee)

i. Wide range of products (you can buy virtually anything).
ii. Securely purchase items from overseas. (Gobal Easy buy)
iii. Buyers can purchase items from auction type listing.
iv. Ebay Guarantee, full refund of money incase of disputes.

i. Prices vary a lots from one seller to another.
ii. Most items have a certain shipping charge.
iii. No COD option as payment.


It's similar like flipkart and mostly sells consumer electronics products.

i. COD payment option.
ii. Free Home Delivery.
iii. Exchange offer Go Green.
iv. Discount Coupons.

i. Sometimes delivery is delayed.
ii. Not as reliable as Flipkart.

Other notable mentions are indiaplaza,, and Homeshop18.