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What’s is the best search engine? – Some more Google gags…

Almost everybody knew about Google bombs, like if we search for "miserable failure", Google will brought up the official George W. Bush biography page to number 1 position among other all results.


Though at present many of these so called bombs are not available in search results.

I just thought to explore some more in this bombing aspect and all of a sudden decided to search for query “best search engine“ using Google search.

Guess what I got in the results…


As you can see Google Search isn’t visible in the results page, except something mentioning “Best US Shopping Search Engine Winner: Google's Froogle” and “” appeared in the top of all results.

Seeing these search results motivated me to search some more queries related to “best search engine”.

Look what I found….

Search Query “top search engine”

Top serch engine

Once again “” appeared in top 3 and still no mention of “”. Though two websites got the term Google.

Search Query “web search”


At last in this query “” was visible, though in the 10th position…….

Once again “” was in the top.

Search Query “online search”


In this query AOL Search is the topper. I think that’s because AOL was formerly called America Online, Inc. and Google thinks it is what I am after.

In the end the tagline I got is “Google is too shy to show himself as best search engine in its own search results”.

I got these results because Google generally don’t manually modify it’s search results [visibility of a site in search results depend on their pagerank and some other criteria defined by Google].

So I hope I got something new similar to Google Bombs…….

Google Gags may be….

You may also try some more queries like “ultimate search engine”, “search engine”, “top 10 search engines” etc.

EyeDefender – avoid eyestrain and prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

EyeDefender is a freeware which can protect your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

CVS is a temporary condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for protracted, uninterrupted periods of time. Symptoms of CVS include headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, fatigue, eye strain, dry, irritated eyes and difficulty refocusing the eyes. These symptoms can be further aggravated by improper lighting conditions (i.e. bright overhead lighting or glare) or air moving past the eyes (e.g. overhead vents, direct air from a fan).

“EyeDefender can also help you prevent other problems related to computer use, which require a computer user to take short breaks. These problems include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS), also known in the USA as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and in Europe - Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD).”

EyeDefender runs automatically in the system tray and guides a computer user to take a break, when it’s really needed to protect your eyes from CVS.

I think EyeDefender is very useful software because nowadays many hardcore computer users (including me) often face these problems, though EyeDefender is only available for Windows based PCs.

DevalVR - view 3D Interactive Virtual Reality Panoramas

DevalVR is a browser plugin for QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) files.

DevalVR features high quality viewing capabilities for panoramas in JPEG or QTVR format.

After installing the plugin view the above animated preview in its original 3D interactive format.

GrandCentral – One number to ring all your phones

“GrandCentral: The New Way To Use Your Phones”

GrandCentral is a free service which allows it’s users to use a single number (GrandCentral no.) to route all the incoming calls to an user specified list of phone numbers. The user can specify these phone numbers depending on callers, time of day or personalized contact groups.



Main Features of GrandCentral

Your phones through the web
How to treat your callers 
New ways to use your phones

Screen Callers
Know who's calling and screen unknown callers

Ring Different Phones
One number that rings different phones based on who's calling

WebCall Button
Let people call you from a web page without showing your number

Hear why someone is calling before taking the call

Personalize your voicemail greetings by caller or group

Switch phones in the middle of a call

Call Record
Record calls on the fly and access recordings online

Go beyond the ring and choose ringback tones for your callers

Call from your addressbook and save your typing

Block Callers
Unwanted callers won't be able to reach you anymore


Mobile Access
Visual voicemail for your mobile phone

Receive voicemail notifications via email or SMS


GrandCentral is in BETA and only available within US.

You can use this email notification option to get notified when GrandCentral service is available in your country.

Blue Screen of Death – get it on your PC



The famous Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) or STOP error is a critical system error, which prevents your PC to boot into Windows and displays an error message like the above one.

Now you can get this error as a screen saver and use it to amaze your friends and scare your enemies!

Get BSoD

Twitter – What are you doing?


Twitter a free social networking service that asks only one simple question “What are you doing now?” and allows it’s users to post updates or tweets as answer. These tweets are displayed on user’s profile page. Users can receive another users tweets by following them. These tweets can be delivered via twitter website, IM, RSS, e-mail, SMS. Several other applications such as Twitteroo, Twitbin, Twitterrific, Twitter Widget, twitter for Facebook etc offers twitter service on various platforms.

So why are you waiting?

Start using twitter and let the world know what are you doing now… My_tweets - disposable email account for Easy and Anonymous e-mail provides free and anonymous disposable email service.

Where anyone can create an email account (e.g. and then use it to receive emails and reply to received emails. User cannot send an email from his account to any email address or cannot compose new emails to be sent. I think this is done to stop users to spam or abuse services. Users just have to enter their username to log in or create a new account at (i.e. No password protection). You can receive your emails directly to your desktop via RSS feed.

i.e. is like a disposable inbox because your account will deleted after 24 hours with all stored emails. So you must save important emails before that time.

So why use service is quite useful when you have to give your email id you unknown persons or web sites whom you don’t trust for spam or other reasons.

Windows 7 is going to be the successor of Vista


Windows 7 code named Blackcomb and later Vienna is the next version of Windows as the successor to Windows Vista.

Windows 7 is expected to be released late 2009 or near January 2010. A server variant, code named Windows Server 7, is also under development.

BitThief – cheat BitTorrent, Steal Every Bit without uploading


BitThief is a BitTorrent client developed by Distributed Computing Group at ETH Zurich, it offers torrent downloads without uploading (seeding). Its simply cheats the BitTorrent protocol, allowing it's users to download like a selfish giant. You may get better download speed with BitThief on well seeded torrents and slow internet connection (you will be able to use your full bandwidth for download), though just imagine if everybody starts using BitThief then the torrent itself will be dead.

BitThief poses a great threat to BitTorrent Peer 2 Peer (P2P) file sharing and can be considered as a torrent leeching client software. The point raised by the developers of BitThief is “We argue that the BitTorrent protocol has to be modified in order to effectively prevent selfishness.”

BitTyrant another torrent client similar to BitThief, though BitTyrant do seed, but only to the peers having high upload speeds.

Download BitThief

To use BitThief you must have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed, because BitThief is Cross-platform and written in Java.

Get latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

ZSoft Uninstaller - Uninstall programs with ease


Do you ever faced, that you’re unable to uninstall certain programs from Windows Add or Remove Programs options? Or you have uninstalled the program though it’s uninstall entry is still present in Add or Remove Programs.

The main causes of these errors are damaged installations or software bugs in the programs.

Many of us have faced these problems. There is one easy solution available to this problem, ZSoft Uninstaller allows you to easily uninstall programs and works as an alternative to Windows Add or Remove Programs option. You can also delete left over uninstall entries using this program.

If you are unable to uninstall a program, then just manually delete the files of that program from your HDD (generally from C:\Program Files) and then use Zsoft Uninstaller to remove the uninstall entry.

The main features or ZSoft Uninstaller are following:

  • Search (search the list of installed software)
  • Delete entry's from programs that is no longer installed
  • Automatically find entry's from programs that are most likely already uninstalled
  • Hide entries from the list that you are never going to uninstall (Windows updates etc.) making the list smaller and therefore easier to manage.
  • Automatically find entry's that are considered "crap-ware"
  • Export the current list to a TXT file
  • Show more information than available though add/remove
  • Find and delete temporary files
  • Analyse an installation so it can be completely uninstalled


    Click here to download ZSoft Unistaller for free.


    Click here to view ZSoft homepage (incase the above link changed/dead or you want to try other programs from ZSoft).

  • .kkrieger the 96K free first person shooter game

    .kkrieger screenshot 

    .kkrieger is just 96KB in file size, though its a good and free alternative to other first person shooter games like Serious Sam which eats lots of MBs of your hard disk space. But you still need a good graphics card with at least pixel shaders 1.3 and 128 MB VRAM, 512MB or more RAM, 1.5Ghz Pentium3/Athlon or faster processor, DirectX 9.0b.

    Click here to download .kkrieger and play it yourself.