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What’s is the best search engine? – Some more Google gags…

Almost everybody knew about Google bombs, like if we search for "miserable failure", Google will brought up the official George W. Bush biography page to number 1 position among other all results.


Though at present many of these so called bombs are not available in search results.

I just thought to explore some more in this bombing aspect and all of a sudden decided to search for query “best search engine“ using Google search.

Guess what I got in the results…


As you can see Google Search isn’t visible in the results page, except something mentioning “Best US Shopping Search Engine Winner: Google's Froogle” and “” appeared in the top of all results.

Seeing these search results motivated me to search some more queries related to “best search engine”.

Look what I found….

Search Query “top search engine”

Top serch engine

Once again “” appeared in top 3 and still no mention of “”. Though two websites got the term Google.

Search Query “web search”


At last in this query “” was visible, though in the 10th position…….

Once again “” was in the top.

Search Query “online search”


In this query AOL Search is the topper. I think that’s because AOL was formerly called America Online, Inc. and Google thinks it is what I am after.

In the end the tagline I got is “Google is too shy to show himself as best search engine in its own search results”.

I got these results because Google generally don’t manually modify it’s search results [visibility of a site in search results depend on their pagerank and some other criteria defined by Google].

So I hope I got something new similar to Google Bombs…….

Google Gags may be….

You may also try some more queries like “ultimate search engine”, “search engine”, “top 10 search engines” etc.


Sajal Kayan said...

very interesting observation, however it is my belief that google does manually influence the search results.

Their claim is to do whatever which results in the best user experience. If someone is already on Google, and then Google thinks not showing Google in the SERP is more useful to the user then so be it.