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GrandCentral – One number to ring all your phones

“GrandCentral: The New Way To Use Your Phones”

GrandCentral is a free service which allows it’s users to use a single number (GrandCentral no.) to route all the incoming calls to an user specified list of phone numbers. The user can specify these phone numbers depending on callers, time of day or personalized contact groups.



Main Features of GrandCentral

Your phones through the web
How to treat your callers 
New ways to use your phones

Screen Callers
Know who's calling and screen unknown callers

Ring Different Phones
One number that rings different phones based on who's calling

WebCall Button
Let people call you from a web page without showing your number

Hear why someone is calling before taking the call

Personalize your voicemail greetings by caller or group

Switch phones in the middle of a call

Call Record
Record calls on the fly and access recordings online

Go beyond the ring and choose ringback tones for your callers

Call from your addressbook and save your typing

Block Callers
Unwanted callers won't be able to reach you anymore


Mobile Access
Visual voicemail for your mobile phone

Receive voicemail notifications via email or SMS


GrandCentral is in BETA and only available within US.

You can use this email notification option to get notified when GrandCentral service is available in your country.