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Speed up Your DVD drive Read/Write Speed

MediaCodeSpeedEdit(MCSE) a software that allows you to change/edit the read and write speed of your DVD Writer by modifying your DVD-Drive firmware. You just have to load the firmware of your drive then MCSE will show you the available options for your drive that you can modify, like RPC1 patch, Read speed, Bitsetting etc.

RPC1 patch:
Patches your RPC2 DVD drive Firmware to RPC1 or Region Code free at Drive level.

Read Speed: Increase or Decrease your drive read speed, by increasing read speed coping files from disc will be faster, but not suitable for certain drives like for my old a retired ASUS 1608P3S.

Bitsetting: Useful when burning DVD+R media, because using bitsetting DVD+R media book type can be set as DVD-ROM, which is useful incase of playback compatibility issues on old DVD Players/ROMs.


Change write speed: For example incase of your drive media code SONY16D1 supports 16x speed for burning and SONY08D1 media supports 12x speed for burning, then you can replace SONY08D1’s write strategy with SONY16D1, just double click SONY08D1 then a pop up window will appear where you can choose the media code SONY16D1 to replace the write strategy of SONY08D1. Remember you can only replace write strategy of same type of media like DVD-RW to DVD-RW, DVD+R to DVD+R etc, also changing write strategy will increase the chances of burn process failing and hence increases the chances of making coasters. It’s recommended when replacing write strategies try to choose same manufacturer media code for optimal write performance.

Note that all options may not be available for your drive, because of limited number of supported manufactures, also don’t forget that if you are going to apply the modified Firmware to your drive then your warranty will be void, so do it at your own risk.