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Free SMS in India using offers free sms up to 80 characters to be sent to any mobile number (Both GSM & CDMA) in India. With ads displayed on the rest 80 characters. It features fast sms delivery, online contacts/phonebook and SMS storage facility, free sms alerts (e.g. birthday alerts, reminders, IPL score update etc). It also features a free mobile Java application that can be installed in almost any phone with Java support and you can send free SMS via that mobile application using SMS or GPRS/EDGE/Internet.

A new feature added to 160by2 is SMS via Email, which allows 160by2 users to send free SMS via Email. To send free sms using you have many options, you can use your computer or mobile and point your internet browser to or use the mobile application or Email.

Download mobile java application to PC or Mobile.
If you are unable to download the app from above link try this direct download or download the Jar file.

*Note: If you don't have Internet/EDGE/GPRS then you can use the mobile application to send free SMS via SMS (using your mobile operator). Using this feature you will be charged by your mobile operator for sending free SMS because you are using your operator's SMS service to send free SMS. So it’s clever to send a SMS to multiple (up to 10) recipients at a time because you will be charged for single SMS only. Click here for more info on the mobile application.

Update: now offers free SMS service to any mobile in India, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. Also now they provide a Symbian app, which can be downloaded using your Symbian Phone and the character limit per SMS has been increased from 80 to 140 character per SMS.


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