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Libra - organize your stuff, beautifully


Libra is a new and innovative library management software for Microsoft Windows. Though it’s still in beta mode but the software is pretty much powerful and user-friendly to manage your media library. It has the ability to download media information and album arts from database and you can add media using search from database or by manual input, you can also import your previous library database directly into Libra (Delicious Library, Library Thing, Generic Excel (v2003 and above)/Text files, DVD Profiler v3) . It features a webcam barcode scanner, which allows you to use your webcam as a barcode scanner, by using this feature you can add media to Libra automatically by pointing your webcam to the barcode of your media. It also supports using of regular barcode scanners. Using Libra you can track who borrowed your media and what's the check out date, due date etc. You can export your Libra database to Web Export, Excel Export or in text CSV format.

The most interesting thing about Libra is that it is a freeware for non-commercial use.

Download Libra and give it a try.