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BitMeter - Monitor and Control your Internet/Network usage

BitMeter_Graph BitMeter is an internet/network connection monitoring software with a good set of features which will allow you to keep track your internet/network speed and usage. It displays a graphical box in your desktop and shows your

current network usage using graphs in that box. You can define custom position and size of the box in your desktop. You can also define custom colors for download, upload, graph background etc in the graph [here Red is showing download speed and green is showing upload speed].

You can define these settings from the tray icon Tray_Icon of BitMeter. To check your network usage status of current day just point the mouse pointer to BitMeter tray icon and it will show your current download [DL] and Pop_Up_Tray

upload [UL] speed and total amount of downloaded and uploaded data.


With BitMeter you can check your hourly/daily/monthly network activity statistics with details of uploaded and downloaded amount of data and speed. You can also export network usage activity history in CSV format.


For those who have ISP Restrictions (e.g. maximum free bandwidth available per month, available total bandwidth per week etc) BitMeter features a ISP Restrictions option which allows you to set your maximum limit for downloaded data or total uploaded and downloaded data. When you reach near or cross that limit BitMeter alerts you by playing alert sound and text.


BitMeter also allow you to monitor your connection speed and network usage statistics remotely via a normal web browser [e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox] by running a web server. This feature is called Web Interface of BitMeter. Though the Web Interface is not activated by default you have to enable it from Settings>Web Server>tick Run Web Server to start the Web Interface.

It also features some other handy tools like custom Alerts [e.g. plays alert text and sound when you downloaded/uploaded certain amount of data in a predefined time], Stopwatch [shows the total amount of data uploaded and downloaded while the stopwatch was running], Calculator [which allows you to calculate estimated download/upload time of predefined data size and network speed or how much data can be uploaded/downloaded in certain time and speed] etc.

BitMeter is a freeware and available in two versions BitMeter II and BitMeter. BitMeter II got all the features mentioned above and requires .Net Framework to be installed. The second one only got some basic features like showing download and upload speeds, tray icon etc and does not require .NET Framework to be installed and uses less memory and little less CPU than BitMeter II.