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Evernote - Remember Everything....


Evernote is a note taking software/service. It’s useful for students, writers, bloggers and general people who needs to organize their notes and writings. Evernote features capturing of web pages, drag n drop files, Universal Clipper, handwritten notes, handwriting recognition, image and audio file adding to a note. Evernote has online synchronization option which stores all your notes to your Evernote online account, using this feature you can use Evernote on any computer/web supported devices and access your notes any where any time.
It also has offline client (software) support for Windows, Mac, and Windows Mobile and soon Mobile Java and iPhone support will be added. It’s like endless tape for storing notes, so don't forget any thing Remember Everything....
Latest 3.x version is in beta mode and online account is invitation only.
Click here for download and more info.